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Enterprise Grade Email and Web Tracking Built on Data Science

Sell more with real-time alerts for email opens, link-clicks, attachment downloads, email forward and website visits. Prospect faster and close more deals by acting on real-time buying signals from your most engaged opportunities.

Know when to engage, what content to use and automatically time your emails for maximum effectiveness. Save time and increase quality with templates, attachment management and robust reporting.

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Vision tracks every email interaction through patented PowerTracking™ technology.

Read Digital Body Language with
Real-Time Alerts

Vision lets you know what goes on behind closed doors after meetings have ended. Know when someone downloads a proposal and see when it gets passed around their office. Track details ranging from device type to location and access each contact’s history with the click of a button. Act on insights immediately with Click-to-Call built right into alerts. With Vision, reps can call the moment a prospect is engaged.


Easy-to-Use Plugins.
Complete Adoption

With the quick installation of an Outlook plugin, reps immediately begin getting popup alerts. Templates and attachments at a reps’ fingertips. A sidebar gives reps a running feed of recent activity ensuring critical buying signals are always in view. Every alert provides links to access detailed reports on every contact’s engagement along with Click-to-Call functionality.

Outlook Email

Templates and Attachments

Put high quality emails and attachments that work into reps hands. Save up to an hour a day per rep while making sure reps are sending emails that are effective and on message. Share templates with other reps and push them to teams. Track template usage with reporting on template and attachment effectiveness. See which reps are using templates and get insights into their success.

Phone using OutLook

Track Every Device and Every Recipient

You no longer have to send email from your desktop to track your message. Vision‘s optional server-side tracking tags your message when it passes through the email server, ensuring every email you send is tracked. Server-side tracking means Vision can track emails sent from any major email client or any device. Vision uniquely tags each recipient in a message, allowing you to get highly granular alerts.

Email with Salesforce Sync

Predictively Time Emails, Track Content and Rep Effectiveness

NeuralSendtm leverages billions of historical buying signals and individual sales interactions to predict the best time to send an email to get a prospect to respond. Custom Schedule capabilities allows you to easily specify a time to send the email. Detailed reports on the effectiveness of each rep, template, attachment, link and more makes it easy for managers and reps to know what is happening with their email content.

Vision™ by Email solutions for sales teams

Vision Email Sync: Automatic Salesforce Logging

For Salesforce users, Vision also includes Vision Email Synctm, the top-rated Salesforce email sync solution. Automatically sync your emails and replies into your Salesforce account. Absolute Automation synchronizes email messages with Salesforce from all major email platforms. Users can sync email from desktops and laptops, as well as from both iOS and Android mobile devices.

April Larsen

Listen to Our Customers

"Without Vision, we’re flying blind … Our reps use it for everything to help close their deals at the end of the quarter"

— April Larsen, Sr Director Sales Systems, Infomatica

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